Rocking Out

Finally found tattoos that I like.

Hair: Insect Religion - Oblongs - MOON{Hair} - Swag Fest
Skin: Vera - Glam Affair
Tattoo: Ace Commander - Normal - Bolson
Septum: Metal - -Suicidal Unborn-
Earrings: Matinee Shimmer - Maxi Gossamer
Top: Greece - Berry - Emery - C88 August
Necklace: Raindrop Chain Necklace - Silver - Yummy - C88 August
Hands: Slink
Nails: Space Race - Kitty’s Claws
Ring: Swirly Dress Ring - Eclectica - C88 August (I think)
Pants: Leather Pants - Black - Color.Me.H.O.F. - no longer open
Feet: Slink
Nails: Space Race - Kitty’s Claws
Sandals: Lita High Sandals - Blaq - -FAUN-
Poses: (Close-up): Kettle Drum - (pda) - no longer open; (Full-body): Wild - 8 - GLITTERATI - Marketplace

Camping on the Beach

High as a airplane.

Hair: Torin - Hilton - HOMAGE
Hairbase: SHORT - Sweeden - LeLutka
Skin: Vera - Glam Affair
Septum: Metal - -Suicidal Unborn-
Scarf: Chunky Infinity Scarf - Black Forest - (Yummy)
Tank: Geo Cut Tank* - Off-white - tulip. - kustom9
Bracelets: friendship bracelet - Hoodoo Surf - Marketplace
Hands: Slink
Nails: Neons and Bright Mattes - Hello Dave - Marketplace
Pants: nikola trousers - deep teal - [celoe]
Feet: Slink
Sandals: Gladiator Sandals - Eggplant - tulip.
Poses: (close-up): A Knock Upon the Door - (pda), (full-body): Hermit’s Cave - (pda) - Unsure brand is still open

*Review Copy


God, how I love the sea…

Hair: Harmony - 02 - Magika - C88 August
Skin: Vera - Glam Affair
Septum: Metis septum ring - Silver - LaGyo - C88 August - just realized I was wearing my other one with it, so it is more dainty when wearing
Top: Polly Tucked Blouse - White - Tee*fy
Necklace: Kawaii Cloud Necklace - Silver - {Imeka}
Hands: Slink
Nails: Jewel Thief - Jewels - Kitty’s Claws - They are still available!!
Bracelet: Pearl Bracelet - Mint - {Imeka}
Skirt: Marley Skirt - Spring - Tee*fy
Shoes: Scalloped Bow Flats - {Tiffany} - {Imeka} - The Chapter Four
Pose: (Close-up): 350 - GLITTERATI, (Full-body): 077 - GLITTERATI


Zeus-proof chastity belt on, promise septum on, soul sold to virginity vow, and now all I need is some lube…

Hair: Letters and Lipstick - Pastels - Exile - C88 August (Happy Birthday!)
Skin: Vera - Glam Affair
Septum: Metal - Suicidal Unborn
Necklace: Raindrop Chain Necklace - Silver - (Yummy) - C88 August
Dress: Athena Dress - Cotton - Tres Blah - C88
Hands: Slink
Nails: Nail Lacquer - Basic Pastels - Shakeup!
Ring 1: Crystalline Rings - Silver - Bokeh
Ring 2: Moon Rings - Silver - Herspherical - kustom9
Poses: (close up): County Line - (pda), (Full body): 345 - GLITTERATI

Sad news

Money has become real tight and I need to save it for real life things like food and important non-digital things (like books for school). 

I am going to take a break until more money comes in, but I don’t know when that will be, but I hope that it is soon and that my loan will come through.

<3 Kitty

Red Light Bitch

I think the ring should be reversed so you can read “bitch” the proper way when hitting the guy on the forehead.

Hair: High and Dry - Wildcards - Exile - men’s
Skin: Vera - Glam Affair
Septum: Metal - Suicidal Unborn
Corset: Mini Corset - Dark Floral - Tee*fy
Necklace: Rebel Elven Star Necklace - Real Evil Industries
Hands: Slink
Nails: Florals - Kitty’s Claws - I really should put these up for sale
Ring: Personality Rings - Bitch - Yummy
Shorts: Astrid Denim Cut Offs - Medium Wash - Tres Blah
Feet: Slink
Nails: Same as above
Sandals Banana Leaf Winged Sandal - Blaq - -FAUN-
Poses: (Close-up): Bouquet - Del May, (Full-body) Coal/Ivory - (pda) - not available

Zac and Kelly Forever

So I went brunette for a post, so sue me.

Hair: Claire* - Darks(?) - tulip. - uber - why more events?!?!?! but love you Mina!
Skin: Vera - Glam Affair
Septum: Metal - Suicidal Unborn
Top: Rachel Ruffled Sweater - Peach - Tee*fy
Necklace: Heart Locket - Silver - Yummy
Hands: Slink
Nails: Nail lacquer - Basic Pastels - Shakeup!
Rings: Crystalline Rings - Gold - Bokeh
Bracelet: Link Bracelet - Mint - [tea.s]
Shorts: Abbey High-Waist Basics Shorts - Mint - Tee*fy
Sneakers: Obel Sneakers - Blue - +Half-Deer+
Pose: (close-up): 332 - GLITTERATI - may be up on Marketplace, (full-body): Long Hair - Pose 009 - GLITTERATI

*Review copy


Sugar Plum Fairy Candy Brand Sweets

Hair: Right Through You - Pastels - Exile
Skin: Vera - Glam Affair
Septum: Suicidal Unborn
Top: silk camisole - eggshell - ISON
Cover Up: summer long vest - white - ISON
Necklace: Mint Cone Necklace - [tea.s] - FLF a couple of weeks ago
Hands: Slink
All Nails: Action Nails
Ring: Celebrate! Cupcake Ring - Atomic - The Chapter Four Birthday - no longer available
Cake Pop: Bird Cake Pops - 3 - {Imeka~} - The Dreamer’s Factory
Shorts: Summer Shorts Hailey - Grey - Emery
Feet: Slink
Sandals: Sweet Flats - Mint - Candydoll
Pose: (close-up): Ella - 7m - aDORKable Poses, (full body): Ella - 10m - aDORKable Poses - not sure if still available


Prepare yourself:

Goat: Wild Goat Things* - Plaid - Bokeh - Rare - Where the Wild Things Are Summer Gacha
Hair: Rizzo - Koolaid - Lamb
Skin: Vera - Glam Affair
Septum: Suicidal Unborn
Pearls: (Yummy) - often included in pearl necklace packs
Shirt: Half Tucked Tee - Off White - Tres Blah
Brooch: Rea Bird Brooch - Blue & Gold - Whippet and Buck
Hands: Slink
Nails: Reckless V2 - Action Nails
Skirt: plumetis pleated skirt - lilac - (Milk Motion) - The Dreamer’s Factory
Feet: Slink
Nails: Nail Lacquer - Basic Pastels - Shakeup!
Sandals: Flower Flats - Lavender - CandyDoll - might not be available
Poses: (Close-up): 324 - GLITTERATI, (Full body): Hipster Girl - 1 - Olive Juice - no longer available

*Review copy