Hey everyone. Sorry I have been away for the past month or so. I have been really busy with career stuff and grad school to the point I only log into SL for about five minutes and then leave. My friend in SL also hasn’t been in, so there is really no need for me to be in for long periods of time.

It also doesn’t help that the fashion community has been struggling to keep my attention. Nothing really exciting is happening with fashion and with the exponentially growing number of events designers haven’t done much in designing cool stuff. Events used to be special and often would pull out the stops, but with their proliferation to every month, etc. they just kinda make something on a highly specific theme that can’t be worn ever again. I try not to be a big consumer in terms of volume and really like buying things that I am going to use again (not that I will stop buying one-use items though :P).

This might seem snotty or whatever, but the quality of mesh is falling for the prices. I bought some very pretty dresses from a brand that I never blogged, but when trying them on, the texturing was great, however, the mesh had major seams and gaps. Yes I could have tried on a demo before purchasing, but demoing is always a hassle (A side-note: Fitted mesh is crap because you can’t go a size up when the mesh is cutting into the avatar, or at least for clothes).

With the new mesh avs everything is good, but if you want to use another body, you have to switch hands and feet, which need appliers for skin tone and nails. Not to mention buying more and more shoes to fit each brand’s feet. 

In short, I feel sort of left behind as I cannot come in as often (because I am in graduate school and starting my active membership in an institution that is highly demanding) and I am just seeing the stalling of a community that I have been apart of since 2007 (although from 2011 on this avatar). Maybe I just finished my SL narrative, but I am not going to leave.

Foxxy Cleopatra

Golden Girl

Hairbase: SHORT - Opal - Tinted - LeLutka
Skin: Vera - Glam Affair
Eyes: Faerie Eyes - Angel - Buzzeri
Septum: Metis septum ring - Gold - LaGyo
Earrings: Basic Gold Hoop Earrings - [AB] - Marketplace
Blouse: Kafue Top - Gold - Baiastice
Necklace: Palmero Necklace - Gold - [AB] - Marketplace
Hands: Slink
All Nails: Glitter Set 1 - Orc Inc. - Marketplace
Ring: Queen Ring - Yummy - The Arcade September
Pants: Lyn Trousers - Navy - Rowne
Feet: Slink
Shoes: Khloe Pump - Golden - [Co57]
Poses: (Close up) Manifeste’s Inventory Cleanup - 4 - Manifeste Poses - no longer available, (Full body) Manifeste’s Inventory Cleanup - 16 - Manifeste Poses - no longer available


Nothing witty today.

Hair: Ashley* - Bolds - tulip.
Skin: Vera - Glam Affair
Septum: Metis septum ring - Silver - LaGyo
Earrings: Shard Earrings - Silver - (epoque)
Top: Exploiter - White - REMY - can’t tell if still open or not
Necklace: Shard Necklace - Silver - (epoque)
Hands: Slink
Nails: Mixed Neons/Matte Brights - Hello Dave
Pants: Chleo Leather Pants - Nude - Rowne - SALE!!!
Shoes: Bowtie Pumps - Silver - fri.day
Poses: (Close up) Runway - 3 - P-N-P, (Full body) Runway - 1 - P-N-P - Both gifts so don’t know if still available

*Review Copy

Minty Fresh

I look like Amy Winehouse. Tragic story, but lovely color story.

Hair: Locomotion - Pastels - Exile - Collabor88 September
Skin: Vera - Glam Affair
Septum: Metis septum ring - Gold - LaGyo
Earrings: Vice Hoops - Yummy - Collabor88 September
Shirt: Alexia Dress - White - Rowne - Collabor88 September
Necklace: Celebrity Necklace - circles - gold - [ glow ] Studio
Hands: Slink
Nails: Mixed Neons/Matte Brights - Hello Dave
Ring: Cutie Crown - Mint - Yummy - The Arcade September
Jeans: Best Friend Jeans - Storm - {mon tissu} - COME BACK!!!
Flats: Scalloped Bow Flats - Tiffany - {imeka}
Poses: (close up): Sexy - 10 - GLITTERATI - not clear if up on the Marketplace, (full body): Cute - 2 - GLITTERATI

Rosé Devereaux

Here comes the 80s deluge!

Hat: Morgan headpiece - Love - LaGyo - C88 September
Hair: Hair and Dry - Wildcards - Exile - mens
Skin: Vera - Glam Affair
Jewelry: Beaded Statement Set - Pink/Aqua - Yummy - C88 September
Jacket: Belted Mens Blazer - Gold - Fashionably Dead - C88 September
Hands: Slink
Nails: Mixed Neons/Matte Brights - Hello Dave
Dress: Min Dress - Tropical - Tres Blah - C88 September
Shoes: Pumps with spikes - Leopard - FANATIK - group gift
Poses: (close-up): 322 - GLITTERATI, (full body) Wild - 6 - GLITTERATI - Marketplace

He is sooooo magical


My feelings about this bear: Here

Hair: Pocketknife - Unicorn - Lamb
Skin: Vera - Glam Affair
Septum: Metis - Silver - LaGyo - C88 August - Hurry!! (Didn’t show up on the full shot)
Top: Open Collar Blouse - White - Tres Blah
Bear: Magical Bear - BoOgErS - The Arcade September 2014
Hands: Slink
Nails: Nail Lacquer - Basic Pastel - Shakeup!
Ring: Modest Crown - Silver - Yummy - The Arcade September 2014
Skirt: plumetis pleated skirt - azur - (Milk Motion)
Feet: Slink
Nails: Nail Lacquer - Basic Pastels - Shakeup!
Shoes: Ella.Heels - Petal - fri.day
Poses: (full-body) 324 - GLITTERATI and embedded animation.

Rocking Out

Finally found tattoos that I like.

Hair: Insect Religion - Oblongs - MOON{Hair} - Swag Fest
Skin: Vera - Glam Affair
Tattoo: Ace Commander - Normal - Bolson
Septum: Metal - -Suicidal Unborn-
Earrings: Matinee Shimmer - Maxi Gossamer
Top: Greece - Berry - Emery - C88 August
Necklace: Raindrop Chain Necklace - Silver - Yummy - C88 August
Hands: Slink
Nails: Space Race - Kitty’s Claws
Ring: Swirly Dress Ring - Eclectica - C88 August (I think)
Pants: Leather Pants - Black - Color.Me.H.O.F. - no longer open
Feet: Slink
Nails: Space Race - Kitty’s Claws
Sandals: Lita High Sandals - Blaq - -FAUN-
Poses: (Close-up): Kettle Drum - (pda) - no longer open; (Full-body): Wild - 8 - GLITTERATI - Marketplace

Camping on the Beach

High as a airplane.

Hair: Torin - Hilton - HOMAGE
Hairbase: SHORT - Sweeden - LeLutka
Skin: Vera - Glam Affair
Septum: Metal - -Suicidal Unborn-
Scarf: Chunky Infinity Scarf - Black Forest - (Yummy)
Tank: Geo Cut Tank* - Off-white - tulip. - kustom9
Bracelets: friendship bracelet - Hoodoo Surf - Marketplace
Hands: Slink
Nails: Neons and Bright Mattes - Hello Dave - Marketplace
Pants: nikola trousers - deep teal - [celoe]
Feet: Slink
Sandals: Gladiator Sandals - Eggplant - tulip.
Poses: (close-up): A Knock Upon the Door - (pda), (full-body): Hermit’s Cave - (pda) - Unsure brand is still open

*Review Copy


God, how I love the sea…

Hair: Harmony - 02 - Magika - C88 August
Skin: Vera - Glam Affair
Septum: Metis septum ring - Silver - LaGyo - C88 August - just realized I was wearing my other one with it, so it is more dainty when wearing
Top: Polly Tucked Blouse - White - Tee*fy
Necklace: Kawaii Cloud Necklace - Silver - {Imeka}
Hands: Slink
Nails: Jewel Thief - Jewels - Kitty’s Claws - They are still available!!
Bracelet: Pearl Bracelet - Mint - {Imeka}
Skirt: Marley Skirt - Spring - Tee*fy
Shoes: Scalloped Bow Flats - {Tiffany} - {Imeka} - The Chapter Four
Pose: (Close-up): 350 - GLITTERATI, (Full-body): 077 - GLITTERATI